Carol Tice

Seattle Freelance Writer

Compelling business stories told here

I write about money, power, fame, and drama. You guessed it: I write about business, and for businesses, too.

These days, my main focus is writing business books and ebooks — see the sidebar for my two print books, especially The Pocket Small Business Owner’s Guide to Starting on a Shoestring, which is coming out in July 2013.

Besides business books, I help business find more customers by telling their fascinating stories through articles, white papers, blog posts, and more. And I help magazines deliver compelling, useful information to readers.

You can check out a selection of my best clips on my tabs for Copywriting and Articles & blogs.

What’s different about me?

I have a lot of story ideas.

I’m not happy until I’ve blown away your expectations.

I like to laugh.

My personal goal is to find the joy in each day, and every writing assignment.

Here’s a quick tour of what I’ve enjoyed writing recently:

Types of writing                                          Recent publications

  • Articles                                                     • Alaska/Horizon Airline magazines
  • White papers                                            • Entrepreneur magazine
  • Blogs                                                        • Entrepreneur StartUps
  • Ghostwriting                                             • Seattle Business
  • Case studies
  • Web content

Recent corporate clients


American Express


Lending Tree

Labor Ready (True Blue)

Dun & Bradstreet

SunTrust Bank

Websites                                   Industry expertise

  • Forbes.com                                                • Small business & franchising
  • Freelance Switch                                      • Finance & tax
  • Entrepreneur.com                                   • Retail & restaurant
  • Allbusiness.com                                       • Real estate
  • Tree.com                                                   • Legal
  • InsuranceQuotes                                      • Insurance
  • Yahoo!Hotjobs                                          • Careers & higher education

“Carol is a thorough, creative and collaborative writer who creates well-researched and well-thought-out articles with a keen eye to deadlines. She is one of my top go-to writers, and I highly recommend her to other editors.”–Peggy Bennett, former Entrepreneur Magazine and current Allbusiness.com editor