Tom Post“Drop Carol Tice into virtually any journalistic challenge and she’ll emerge with a nicely turned, well-thought-out story. She did great work as a contributor, and wrote one of the first full-on profiles of Julep’s founder and CEO Jane Park for Forbes Magazine. Tice’s posts regularly achieved that increasingly elusive combination of solid audience and quality content.” —Tom Post, former managing editor, Forbes Media

I have thousands of articles in print — and pixels. Below is a selection of my best and most-read work.

Forbes MagazineForbes Magazine

2015 Writers MarketWriter’s Market

My articles for the front of the 2015, 2014, and 2013 Writers’ Market reference book made the cover, and were also reprinted in Writer’s Digest.

Entrepreneur MagazineEntrepreneur Magazine

I’ve written a wide range of articles for the print magazine — they’re organized by topic below:

Business finance


General business topics

Online-Exclusive Feature Articles:

Seattle MagazineSeattle Magazine

  • Tender Mercies
    Profile of the Pediatric Interim Care Center in Kent, and the challenges of keeping it funded.
  • Talking Trash
    I find out how much trash Seattle creates, and where Seattle’s trash ends up….mostly, in a big canyon in Oregon.
  • Is there a road to Justice?
    Washington state’s lax DUI laws were tightened up a bit after this piece.
  • No Place Like Home
    Our state’s older foster kids…and why there is no mandate to find them adoptive homes.

The Seattle TimesSeattle Times

Real estate features:

College Guide stories:

Puget Sound Business Journal

Don Nelson“Carol is a reliable, resourceful, and productive writer who is quite adept at working from home independently. She can be counted on to do what she says she’ll do, with competence and professionalism. I highly recommend her.” —Don Nelson, Puget Sound Business Journal

Puget Sound Business Journal

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